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Continued Professional Development (CPD)

The Institution of Structural Engineers is currently inroducing mandatory reporting of Continued Professional Development. This will ensure that members are maintaining their professional standards and bring the structural engineering profession, and the Institution, into line with other professions and their membership bodies.

How mandatory reporting of CPD will be introduced

All members who pay their subscriptions for 2011 onwards are deemed to have confirmed that they have satisfied their CPD obligation. From 1 January 2011, those members being elected to a professional grade (Technician, Associate-Member, Associate, Chartered member, Fellow) will be expected to comply with the new requirements, and to maintain activities records or similar documents. For existing members, the Institution’s Professional Development Panel will continue to review CPD records submitted voluntarily and would encourage members to continue to submit these on an annual basis, as those who submit approved CPD annually will not be subject to audit as they will already be compliant. All eligible members will be expected to submit, on request, the Activities Records for the previous three years. Such random auditing will begin in 2012.

The recommended minimum remains at 30 hours CPD/year, but to take into account periods of low CPD activity this will be counted over a 3-year period, so the real figure that the Professional Development Panel will want to see is at least 90 hours over 3 years.

Consequences of non-compliance

For members elected after 1 January 2011, non-compliance will result in them being reported to the Professional Conduct Committee for breach of the Institution’s regulations.

Meanwhile members who were elected prior to 1 January 2011 will be encouraged to submit and assisted in doing so. Should a member fail to submit a return upon request, this information will be recorded on their records and made available to the public through the members’ directory.

CPD Activities

The Republic of Ireland Branch organises Evening Lectures and Seminars throughout the year to help members meet this requirement. Individuals can keep up-to-date on upcoming Branch events by entering their details in the email notifications form (available in the top right of this page).

Additionally, the Institution has begun recording lectures which take place in the London HQ. These Webinars are freely available at

For further information please see the Institution publication Mandatory Reporting of Continuing Professional Development (CPD) available here or refer to the CPD page on the main Institution website.