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GEM – Earthquake Engineering Initiative

Are you interested Earthquake Engineering?

Do you want to get involved in helping develop tools and resources for seismic hazards and risk assessment in Ireland and across the globe?


GEM (Global Earthquake Model) is an international forum where organisations and people come together to develop, use and share tools and resources for transparent assessment of earthquake risk. It’s motto is: ‘Working together to assess risk.’  GEM achieve this through international scientific consortia developing global best practice, datasets and tools, as well as through regional partnerships in all continents, collaborative projects, open-source software development, rigorous testing and knowledge sharing. GEM are currently looking for structural engineering volunteers in the Republic of Ireland to assist in our development.

The GEM initiative aims to establish an independent, uniform standard to calculate and communicate earthquake risk worldwide, a Global Earthquake Model.  Most countries do not currently consider earthquakes in the design of conventional structures, with the exception of nuclear power plants, which are designed for very rare earthquakes. GEM is interested in the nature and extent of construction in all countries, including Ireland. Initially, the assistance that GEM is looking for from its members worldwide is the taxonomy of the built environment in members’ own countries.

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