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Cost Saving in Bridge Assessment by Application of Advanced Methods (No. 16 Nov-03)

Many countries are experiencing problems in management of bridge stocks due to the increasing demand on load carrying capacity combined with low budgets for rehabilitation and strengthening of older bridges.

Benefits are obtained from the difference between a general approach and a more thorough individual approach. The general approach for safety evaluation of existing bridges is based on codes and regulations for evaluation of bridges. The fact that codes generalise to be applicable for the design of many types of new bridges is efficient because the load and safety calculations become easy and because the extra cost due to the generalisation is marginal in the budget for a new bridge. Read the rest of this entry »

Smithfield Market Development (No. 16 Nov-03)

Smithfield Market Development in Dublin is a 4-acre site being developed for a mixed use including apartments, offices, hotel, retail, leisure, cultural space and a 3 level basement with formation some 6m below water table. The project currently under construction, is valued at circa ai??i??400m, and is currently the largest single-phase city-centre building project in Dublin.

Smithfield Market Development

Smithfield Market Development

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