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Can Bridge Repair And Replacement Costs Be Reduced By Developing “Smart” Bridges? (No.15 May-03)

There is a lot of European research going on in bridge loading at the moment. The Eurocode for bridge loading, EC1, Part 3, is the first bridge loading code in the world to be based on statistical principles. With the techniques used to develop the EC1 notional traffic loading ai??i?? equivalent of BS5400 ai???HAai??? ai??i?? it is now possible to derive a site-specific traffic loading for a bridge that is being assessed. In many cases, particularly if the bridge is subject to a low traffic flow, it is possible to prove that bridges are safe even if they can only carry a small portion of what the assessment code prescribes. Read the rest of this entry »

Webwatch – Engineering The Limits On Lake Erie (No.15 May-03)

What does it take to build the world’s tallest and fastest roller coaster? The $25 million “strata-coaster” at Cedar Point will be the first scream machine in the world to break the 400-foot-tall mark. Riders will launch out of a “starting line” position and travel from 0 to 120mph in four seconds by use of a high-tech hydraulic acceleration system and then rocket up the vertical 420-foot-high hill, rotate 90 degrees, crest the apex and plummet straight down the 400-foot drop while spiraling 270 degree sand cross the finish line into the station. Read the rest of this entry »

Boyne Bridge (No.15 May-03)

The Boyne Bridge currently reaching completion will carry the M1 motorway across the Boyne River about 3km to the west of Drogheda.Ai?? The asymmetric cable stayed bridge in total 350m long crosses both streams of the river in a single stayed span of 170m.Ai?? Sited 20m above the river and with a pylon over 90m high, the structure provides a landmark along the scenic Boyne Valley.Ai?? The cable stayed form of bridge chosen was driven by the need to respect the environmentally sensitive nature of the river channels and the central island as well as matching the asymmetric nature of river valley at the crossing. Read the rest of this entry »