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Archive for November, 2001

To Mexe Or Not To Mexe? (No.12 Nov-01)

The underlying theme through a very interesting seminar on Arch Bridge Assessment this October was “to MEXE or not to MEXE”. For the uninformed, MEXE is the traditional method of assessing arch bridges. Professor Bill Harvey, author of the well-known Archie program, was in the NO camp. He reminded the audience that MEXE was developed by the British army and, as armies cannot afford a bridge to collapse when only half their tanks have crossed it, it is a very conservative approach. Dr. Paul Fanning of UCD was also opposed to MEXE but begrudgingly admitted that the Irish form does appear to give a believable answer (the UK form was not so fortunate – he presented convincing evidence that it is excessively conservative). Some in the audience defended the method – it is far simpler to use and requires much less site measurement than other methods. Dr. Fanning described 5 alternative approaches and compared them to measurements made in a number of non-destructive tests using trucks of known weight. Read the rest of this entry »

National Gallery Of Ireland – Millennium Wing (No.12 Nov-01)

In 1996, London Architects Benson & Forsyth won a competition commissioned by the National Gallery of Ireland for an extension to the National Gallery.

The site is situated to the North West of the existing Gallery and is defined by Clare Street to the North, Clare Lane to the East, Leinster Lane to the West and the New Oireachtas extension to the South. The scheme allowed for the demolition of all buildings to the South of the site with the exception of an existing two storey building known as ai???The Ballroomai??i??. No. 5 South Leinster Street is also retained in its entirety on the North West of the site in accordance with An Bord Pleanala requirements. Read the rest of this entry »