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Safety On Parapets (No.11 Apr-01)

Arising from the collapse of parapets in Washington Street, Cork in December 1999, a Working Group has been established by the Minister for the Environment and Local Government to report on matters relating to the safety of parapets and analogous building elements. The Group was asked to report on:
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  1. the risks of potential failure of parapets and analogous building elements taking into account factors such as the age, condition, construction, location or other salient features of the building or particular building elements;
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  3. the classes or types of buildings or building elements where relatively high risk of such failure is likely to occur, and would present an undue risk to public safety;
  4. advice on good practice and procedure for building owners and local authorities to assist in identification of such buildings and the appropriate action to be taken.

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Lucent Technologies – Blanchardstown Expansion Project (No. 11 Apr-01)

Lucent Technologies, a world-wide leader in optical, data and wireless networking has its Irish headquarters located at the IDA Industrial Park, Blanchardstown, just off the M50. The project, valued at circa. US$45 million, will double in size the existing facility.

The architectural design is an imposing structure to reflect Lucentai??i??s prominent position in the world of communications.

Model of proposed building

Model of proposed building

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Cork Greyhound Stadium (No.11 Apr-01)

In recent years Bord na gCon has transformed the greyhound business in Ireland and developed its portfolio of greyhound tracks into centres of high-quality entertainment. In 1996, Bord na gCon sold the site of the greyhound track in Cork and purchased a green-field site in Curraheen on the western fringes of the city.

Cork Greyhound StadiumThe site at Curraheen is in a low-lying area on the banks of the Curraheen River, and previous studies indicated that a 2-year return flood could inundate it. Aerial photography also revealed seasonal lakes and ponding after periods of heavy rainfall. Read the rest of this entry »