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Reinforced and Prestressed Concrete Design to EC2

Branch and former committee members, Prof. Eugene OBrien (UCD) and Andrew Dixon (Downes Associates) have joined Dr Emma Sheils (Roughan & O’Donovan) to release the Second Edition of their textbook: Reinforced and Prestressed Concrete Design to EC2: The Complete Process.

The back cover information is:

Concrete is an integral part of twenty-first century structural engineering and an understanding of how to analyse and design concrete structures is a vital element in the subject. With Eurocodes having replaced European national standards it’s important to get to know the new codes which, for most countries, are more complex than before. Newly revised to Eurocode 2, this second edition retains the original’s emphasis on qualitative understanding of the overall behaviour of concrete structures.

A unique feature of the new edition is a whole chapter on case studies. This provides a unique insight into the way a structure is put together and the alternative structural schemes that are considered in the early stages of design. The concept has been used very successfully in a Problem Based Learning environment at University College Dublin. Groups of students are assigned case study problems, and after a few days they present their solutions to expert judges who give feedback on the practicalities of their chosen solutions. This highlight of the undergraduate experience teaches the students communication as well as design skills.

This book provides civil and structural engineering students and graduates with complete coverage of the analysis and design of reinforced and prestressed concrete structures. Great emphasis is placed on developing a qualitative understanding of the overall behaviour of structures and on bringing together all the strands in the design process – load paths, developing a structural scheme, preliminary sizing, analysis and detailed design.

Eugene OBrien is Professor of Civil Engineering at University College Dublin.
Andrew Dixon is Director of Downes Associates Consulting Civil & Structural Engineers.
Emma Sheils is employed by Roughan & O’Donovan, a Civil and Structural Engineering Consultancy and is a former Postdoctoral Research Fellow of University College Dublin.

Further information is available at the publisher’s website here. It can be inspected at here.

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