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Project Cravat: A & L Goodbody Corporate Headquarters (No. 7 May-99)

This development occupies c. 160,000 sq. ft. of a prominent location overlooking North Wall Quay comprising office and car parking space. It is a six storey building over one level of basement and is founded on pile caps cast on 450 A? continuous flight auger piles. The bearing stratum at this location are dense gravels on a very stiff boulder clay. The boulder clay lies at a depth beneath the gravels varying between c. 6 to 14 m across the site.

A & L Goodbody Stockbrokers Headquarters

A & L Goodbody Stockbrokers Headquarters

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Bridge Seminar (No. 7 May-99)

This spring’s one day seminar was entitled “Future Developments in Bridge Design” and was held in the Industry Centre in UCD on the 8th March. The seminar was opened by Mr. John Lombard, current chairperson of the Republic of Ireland branch of the Institution.

The organising committee to their credit arranged some excellent speakers for the conference and the number of delegates present reflected this. A total of 112 delegates attended the conference from all corners of Ireland as well as from outside the country. Read the rest of this entry »

Wind Codes – Present Position (No. 7 May-99)

At present three wind codes exist; CP3: Chapter V: Part 2 1972, BS6399: Part 2: 1997 and ENV1991: Part 2.4. CP3: Chapter V: Part 2 1972 was initially allowed a two year overlap with BS6399 and it was anticipated that it would be withdrawn about now, mid 1999. Because of industry pressure in the UK a further two-year extension has been given. This has removed an anomalous situation where Irish engineers would be using a British standard, which had been withdrawn. Read the rest of this entry »

A New Monument for O’Connell Street (No. 7 May-99)

Conceptually the structure is simple. It is a conical spire, which tapers from 3.0m diameter at the base to a point, as it cantilevers to the pinnacle (120m). The top 12m of the spire is perforated to allow for light diffusion (from the internal light source). The very tip (top 500mm) is made of cast optical glass. The spire will be fabricated from rolled stainless steel plate (grade 316L) welded to form a tapering cone. The plate reduces in thickness towards the top of the spire as the loads reduce. An internal damper is provided at 60m above ground level to the 108m level. The spire will be fabricated as a series of frustums. The 20m long frustums will be transported to site, erected and connected together using either site welding or bolted flange connections. Read the rest of this entry »

Blackhall Place Bridge (No. 7 May-99)

In April of this year Dublin Corporation published the Environmental Impact Statement for the proposed new bridge across the River Liffey at Blackhall Place. The design of the bridge is being undertaken by the eminent Spanish Engineer / Architect, Santiago Calatrava. This is one of two structures across the Liffey to be designed by Dr. Calatrava.

Artist's Impression

Artist’s Impression

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